International Conference Week at Stenden University, School of Education, April 11 – 15th 2016

Take the opportunity for teacher exchange on the basis of bilateral agreements. We hereby invite you to come to Stenden Meppel and contribute to the programme for this week!

The theme of this week is Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Education

During this week we want to provide our highly motivated students of our International Teacher training (ITEPS – and our regular Dutch classes with international perspectives upon various disciplines.

Often our view on the world and other nations is colored by stereotypes and our own virtues and values. We read and talk a lot about ‘others’, but what is behind these words?

Key questions: How to understand our own identity and the identity of our European neighbors. What is the real meaning of diversity in practice training situations in other Teacher training institutions.

Field of studies:

  • Creative training (arts & crafts, drama, music, integrated projects with music, crafts and arts)
  • Language and literature
  • Math education
  • Didactics
  • Education
  • ICT & new media
  • Environmental studies and education (Biology, Geography, History, Technology)
  • Cultural awareness in a multi cultural perspective
  • Physical Education

Our guest lecturers are, within the overall theme, free to choose their own themes, methods and means of communication, preferably subjects they are engaged in and eager to communicate to students and staff members. As our students are very practical minded we ask you to offer your contribution in a practical, experimental, innovative and theoretical atmosphere.

Also as fundamental aspect the transfer from the subject and theme to classroom practice by using your own good practice examples.

The presentations must be held in English.

Our international week has the following aims

  • You can count on the attention of almost 50 students. We can form groups in flexible compositions.
  • A rich environment to create an international atmosphere.
  • give students academic input from abroad
  • show students variations in the way you work at your institution
  • engage students and staff in discussions, workshops, theoretical and practical work, etc.
  • meet and greet with colleagues to exchange and discuss educational issues, to share knowledge, practices and experiences concerning teacher training aspects.
  • give colleagues from abroad an opportunity to present your favourite theme(s)
  • inspire students to study abroad
  • joint lunch every day
  • school visits (optional)

Internationalization is what we make of it together. We are ambassadors of educational ideals and we have a role model as passionate teacher trainers.

Erasmus Staff Exchange
In order to make this event become a success, we are depending on you to apply for teacher/staff exchange grants from the Erasmus Teacher Exchange Program. We hope that we, through your contributions, can make this week a success!

Please send me an e-mail before the 4th of December 2015 if you can join our International Week in April 2016

Please return the enclosed registration form – to inform us about your arrival, what your contribution will be and what equipment you need for your presentation no later than the 6th of February 2016 – by E-mail!

A detailed program will be distributed around the 21th of March.

Rooms are booked in a nearby hotel, from Sunday 10th of April 2016

Looking forward to meet you (again) in Meppel!

More information:

Kind regards,

Wilfred van Eisden
Institutional Exchange Co-ordinator


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