Symposion meeting in Barcelona, 21-24 May 2017

The yearly Symposion meeting in 2017 takes place in Barcelona, on 21-24 May (arrival 21 May, departure 24 May).

Please find the invitation here: INVITATION Symposium 2017

The main programme will take place on 22-23 May. On 24 May, in the morning, an excursion to La Sagrada familia will take place. However, this excursion is not part of the official programme. More information is available in the official programme that you find here: Simposium_English (updated 16 May due to planned Metro strikes in Barcelona)

Also read the message from our host: Message from the host

How to get to Campus Mundet on Monday morning: Travel on the green Metro line (L3) northwards to metro stop Mundet. From there you can take the campus bus to the top of the hill, or you can walk up the stairs to Palau de les Heures, where we meet in room 12 at 9:30 on Monday morning. The Metro ride + the walk on campus should take ca. 30 minutes. Link to campus map

As far as accommodation is concerned, the following is good to know:

May in Barcelona is a very touristic month, so we have blocked 15 rooms at the hotel  City47 (

It’s a little expensive (145€ for a double room with breakfast), but Barcelona right now is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe.

The way to do a reservation is to send an email to this address:

The contact person is Miriam and the code of the reservation is : 6.126.601

If this hotel is not suitable, please see to it that you get a hotel near the green metro line No L3 (

All questions about the hotel room blocking should be asked to Miquel Robert at Universitat de Barcelona (

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