About Symposion

Symposion is a platform for developing and encouraging cooperation and promoting a European and international dimension in Educational Fields.


  • Create a forum to pursue a meaningful relationship for future cooperation and to explore each other’s potentials,
  • Sharing and developing common values about education and developing new ideas on what education could be,
  • Sharing of information on educational, political and cultural issues through annual meetings and a common website,
  • Stimulate cooperation within the network to design and implement common educational programmes or projects,
  • Sharing ideas and examples of good practice as e.g. in the framework of Internationalisation of Curricula,
  • Ensure that Symposion maintains a broad representation of partners within the educational field,
  • Develop the network by promoting various activities among teacher students and teacher education staff such as study trips, short placements, communication through ICT, etc.
  • Facilitate contacts for other courses and programmes offered by the partner institutions,
  • Promote demand driven teaching staff mobility among us,
  • Update bilateral agreements to maintain and promote student and staff exchanges.

Symposion was created in 1992. Symposion is run by a steering committee agreed on at the annual meeting. The steering committee should:

  • formulate and prepare strategies and activities for the network based on suggestions from previous annual meetings,
  • plan the annual meeting together with the host institution representative,
  • decide on membership issues,
  • handle arising questions in between the meetings,
  • manage the Symposion website and general communication within the network,
  • appoint an acting chair.

The steering committee will meet as required.

The steering committee members sit on a voluntary basis. The steering committee comprises of a minimum of 4 persons and each partner can be represented in the steering committee.

The Symposion members include European universities and higher education institutions within the educational field. There is no membership fee. Costs for travel to and subsistence at network meetings should be funded by the participants’ institutions. The host of the annual meeting is responsible for meeting rooms, supply and facilities. The host can recommend and may assist in finding accommodation.

The institutions taking part in Symposion should have at least one bilateral agreement within the network. We expect that at least one person represents each partner at the annual meeting. The member should have knowledge of education as well as internationalisation.

The members agree on a new partner by asking the steering group to invite them at the annual meeting. Members missing three successive annual meetings may be excluded from  by the steering group.

Annual meetings
At the annual meetings the acting chair of the steering committee will act as the chair person.

A secretary to take minutes will be appointed. The agenda, planned in cooperation with the steering committee, will be sent out by the host. Ideas to be discussed at the annual meetings can be sent by any member to the host or a member of the steering committee in advance.

(Last update of Symposion’s vision and mission was approved on at the Hasselt meeting, on 9 June 2015)

Former vision and mission documents