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Stenden in general
Stenden 2Stenden University, a University of Applied Sciences, was founded in 2007. The institute is the successor of some, already longer existing, polytechnics for technical engineering, laboratory technics, technological electronics, economy and teacher training for primary school teachers (Hogeschool Drenthe (Drenthe University of Professional Education and Christelijke Hogeschool Nederland). These universities merged into Stenden University.

Stenden University is an institute with 11,000 students, 600 lecturers, with locations in Leeuwarden, Groningen, Meppel, Emmen, Assen, Bangkok (Thailand), Port Alfred (South-Africa), Bali and Doha (Qatar).

Programmes are offered in the field Media, Business, Leisure and Tourism, Hotel Mangement and Education and Social Care.

Within each faculty are several possibilities for internal differentiation so that the students have the opportunity of putting special accents on aspects of the subjects of their study.

Leeuwarden is the mean seat of Stenden University: central administration and the residence of the board of directors.

In Emmen, a city of approximately 80,000 inhabitants, there are the faculties of economics, technology and education with courses for teacher training at primary level (350 students).

The School of Education (SoE) has locations of teacher training in the provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. One in Leeuwarden, Groningen, Assen (55,000 inhabitants) with 550 students and one in Meppel (35000 inhabitants) with 400 students.

City of Meppel

MeppelMeppel lies in the romantic valley of the river Reest. The town has something to offer everyone. Many buildings in the town centre still have old, picturesque facades, and narrow streets alternate with modern, shopping malls. There are many facilities for education and recreation. New residential estates are spacious and full of greenery.

In short, Meppel is a nice place to be. Meppel is a good base for living and Study, situated as it is amid such varied countryside. Meppel, also called ‘the Gateway to Drenthe’, provides access to the moorland area, scattered with small villages, woods and lakes.

School of Education Meppel

Stenden 1Stenden Meppel is one of the locations of Teacher training at Stenden University of Applied Sciences , School of Education

About 400 students of the regular teacher training, International Student from ITEPS (International Teacher Training for Primary Schools) and Long distance students are studying in at Stenden Meppel, one of the oldest Techer Training Institutes in the Netherlands (Since 1843).

Study possibilities for incoming exchange students:

Fall Semester:

  • International Class (in combination with the minor Arts & Culture (30 ECTS)

Short description:

This Minor is expected to attract students studying to teach in primary schools (children from around 4 to 12 years old).

The International Class is organised as an International Minor open to students of our partner institutions as well as our own students at Stenden University of the minor Arts & Culture. The course, which has been developed in co-operation with our partner institutions, will be recognised as an integrated element in teacher training in the student’s home universities, in accordance with international agreements.

Through cooperation with Dutch students, they will be able to explore and analyse each others’ visions, attitudes and values, culture and education towards an understanding of contemporary Europe, the World and its identity.

Main Aim:

The International Minor aims to broaden the horizons of all participants. It gives students a flavour of what international education is all about at local and global levels. The course has a unique blend of school experience, in-depth study of culture with its focus on sharing own cultures, education, research and reflection.

Students will do part of their teaching practice in an (inter) national school and will get a flavour of (inter) national education so that they know what to look for if they decide to take a job in a national school in another country.

They will study, carry out, reflect and share experiences and knowledge in a small but cohesive group of about 15 students, supported by talented and enthusiastic lecturers.

Spring Semester:

  • Minor Arts and Culture – 30 ECTS
  • Minor Physical Education – 30 ECTS

More info: – incoming students – Exchange to Meppel

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