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The University of Orléans
Born in 1306, our multi-disciplinary university celebrated its 700th anniversary in 2006. The University of Orleans is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Famous people like Pope Clement V (1264-1314), Jean Calvin (1505-1673), Moliere (1622-1673) or Charles Perrault (1628-1703) studied here …

Situated in the heart of the “Loire Valley-UNESCO” in about a hundred hectares of forest, just one hour from Paris by train, the multi-disciplinary campus of the University of Orleans attracts and welcomes around 14,000 students — among them more than 2,000 foreigners.

Fields of study
Students can follow bachelor and masters degree programmes in the following fields: Humanities and Social sciences, Education, Literature and languages, Sciences, Technology, Health, Engineering, Law, Economics, and Management. The university offers a large number of courses and study programmes in English.

ESPE Centre Val de Loire
The Higher School of Education is in charge of the training of the future teachers and educational professionals for school and out-of-school activities. ESPE offers, in its 6 training centres (Blois, Bourges, Chartres, Châteauroux, Orléans and Tours-Fondettes) the Master’s program, MEEF (Métiers de l’Enseignement, de l’Education et de la Formation) within the framework of a 2-year-course:

  • The Master’s program “MEEF primary level” prepares future teachers for pre-primary and primary schools.
  • The Master’s program “MEEF secondary level” forms future teachers for secondary schools.
  • The Master’s program “MEEF Educational Supervisor” prepares future education counsellors.
  • The Master’s program “MEEF Training Practices and Engineering” forms for careers in vocational training and continuing education.

ESPE Centre Val de Loire is also involved in other trainings, such as continuing education and training of teachers in higher education (Phd., Training of trainers), enabling practicing teachers to increase their knowledge and skills in computer science (C2i2e), or to specialize in teaching students with disabilities (CAPASH), among other themes …

The ESPE welcomes foreign students in its 6 training centres around the Center region, who intend to practice their teaching skills in the framework of an Erasmus study period or a 4 week school placement.